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Can't buy something online from Canada? The retailer does not ship to your location or does not accept your payment.

Have you ever been denied an online purchase because you don't have the right billing address, shipping address, or because of competition clauses? You often hear "retailer will not ship internationally". Are you tired and frustrated of shopping online only to find out in the end that retailers won't sell or ship to you?  Do you want a way around this?

How to arrange shipping Canadian purchases? Canada Parcel forwarding? Package forwarding from Canada?

You can use our shipping address and we will forward your package on to you. Or we can buy it and send it to you wherever you are. If a retailer will not ship goods to your country, we will ship them for you.

How to buy goods from Canada?

Sometimes retailers just won't ship to buyers outside the Canada. At WeBuyitForYou we buy your products for you. For a small fee we buy what you want and then ship it to you. Like parcel forwarding It's just that simple.

Here is how it works:

We Buy it For You

  • You send us the details of what you want and where to send it to.
  • We will send you a confirmation email with all the details and pricing.
  • You approve the purchase and process the transaction.
  • We will buy it, send it to you, and inform you of your shipping information.

  • Or:

    Parcel Forwarding

  • Flocation You contact us with what you want to ship.
  • We will send you a confirmation email with details and pricing.
  • You process the payment.
  • We Send you our forwarding address.
  • You purchase and ship your product to us.
  • Once received, we will forward the product to you.
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